Fire & Fynbos 2017-03-29T14:31:27+00:00

In the South African winelands, you’ll find the oldest viticultural soils in the world, traceable back to the first super continent some 1 000 million years ago. The constant interplay between these ancient soils, soaring mountains, valley slopes and the coastal breezes from two encompassing oceans, results in a natural environment, exceptional in its biodiversity.

Most South African wine is grown in the Cape Floral Kingdom.One of six such plant kingdoms in the world, it is the smallest, yet richest, home to some 9 600 plant species – more than are found in the whole of the northern hemisphere. Table Mountain alone has more floral species than the entire United Kingdom. One of 34 recognised biodiversity hot spots – 70% of the plants found here are not found anywhere else on earth – the Cape Floral Kingdom is a world heritage site.

The same varied climatic and soil conditions that result in this biodiversity, create a treasure trove of winemaking possibilities. The options are endless and the different flavour profiles of grapes grown in different regions of the Cape present fantastic opportunities to create magic through blending wines.

In our range of Bonfire Hill wines, Bruce Jack has sourced grapes from extreme vineyards in different parts of the Cape and blended the resultant “building block” wines to create complex, balanced, intriguing finished wines.

This philosophy results in wines that become greater than their individual components. They are multi-layered, yet harmoniously delicious. In this way they reflect the beautiful, yet multifaceted natural environment in which they are grown.

And there is yet another link between this natural environment and our Bonfire Hill wine. The indigenous vegetation of the Cape Floral Kingdom, known as fynbos, is fascinating in that it is regenerated by fire. Without fire there would be no fynbos, as it depends on fire for both seed germination and the removal and rejuvenation of old vegetation. Thus fire ensures the rebirth of the next generation of this globally unique floral wonderland. After a fire, within days of the first rain, the beautiful red fire lilies emerge from the blackened earth, followed by a profusion of colourful bulbs as nature celebrates yet another cycle of life.